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Stock images are playing a vital role in various kinds of advertising, varying from logos to banners. A lot of marketers find them necessary as they provide a professional touch to the advertisements and make them look more appealing.

However, stock images can be expensive to use and there are some restrictions on their use if you don’t have the right license.

Freepik is one of the best stock image providers that offer free copyright free images for download. All the graphics on Freepik are made by designers from all around the world who upload their work for free use, it’s totally free and there is no need to worry about copyright infringement issues. If you want more variety then there’s shutter stock where you’ll find fresh photos of models like “the sexy girl” or “the angry man” which can be used in advertisements targeting a specific audience. Adobe stock is also an option and it has plenty of content to offer including professional photos and illustrations as well as vector graphics.

Stock images are designed to serve as a placeholder, or a “placeholder,” for an illustration. The illustration is not the focus of attention and is intended to show the viewer where to look more closely at what is being said.

Stock images are not just used for graphic design, but also in print and web design. Companies typically spend money on stock photos for the purposes of illustrating their content or products with appropriate visuals.

List of Free stock images provide websites.

There are many stock images websites that offer pre-made images for your use in your designs.

Here is a list of sites with quality pictures on them:

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Unsplash
  • Image Resources (Microsoft Office website)
  • Morguefile


List of Free stock videos provide websites.

There are many sites that offer stock videos, but not all of them are worth a visit. One such site is stock video giant Pond5.

The website offers a wide range of royalty-free videos, from high quality to amateur footage. They also offer after-market services for customizing the videos or creating new ones altogether.

The Pond5 catalog offers over two million videos, including photos and music too. The site aims to be a one-stop media shop for every filmmaker or artist’s needs.