How to create payment link in the Stripe Dashboard and customize the thank-you page

If you want to create a payment link in the Stripe Dashboard and customize the thank-you page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Your Stripe Dashboard:
    Go to Stripe Dashboard and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to “Products” > “Checkout”:
    In the left sidebar, click on “Products” and then choose “Checkout.”
  3. Create a New Checkout Session:
    Click on the “New” button to create a new checkout session.
  4. Configure the Checkout Session:
  • Set the amount and currency for your product or service.
  • Add product details, including name, description, and images.
  • Configure other settings such as shipping, tax, and customer email.
  1. Set Up Success Redirect URL:
    Under the “Redirects” section, set the “Success URL” to the URL of your custom thank-you page. This is where customers will be redirected after a successful payment.
  2. Save and Activate the Session:
    After configuring your checkout session, click “Save” and then “Activate” to make it live.
  3. Retrieve the Payment Link:
    Once the checkout session is activated, you can retrieve the payment link. Look for the “Preview” button or find the session in the list and click on it. You will find a URL that you can share as your payment link.
  4. Test the Payment Link:
    Before sharing the link with customers, use it in test mode to ensure everything is working as expected. You can use the test card details provided by Stripe.
  5. Go Live:
    Once you’ve tested the payment link and are satisfied with the setup, switch the checkout session to live mode.
  6. Share the Payment Link:
    Share the generated payment link with your customers through email, social media, or any other preferred communication channel.
  7. Monitor Transactions:
    Keep an eye on your Stripe Dashboard to monitor transactions and ensure payments are being processed successfully.

By following these steps in the Stripe Dashboard, you can easily create a payment link and customize the thank-you page for your customers. Remember to refer to Stripe’s documentation for any specific features or updates related to the Checkout product.

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