Unlocking Revenue Potential: Ezoic’s Integration with Google AdSense Certified Partner Program

In the dynamic world of online publishing, maximizing ad revenue is a top priority for content creators. Ezoic, as a Google AdSense Certified Partner, provides a robust solution that goes beyond the conventional approaches. This article explores the synergy between Ezoic and the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program, shedding light on the Mediation App’s pivotal role in enhancing revenue streams.

Ezoic’s affiliation with the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program brings forth a host of advantages for publishers. By joining this program, publishers using Ezoic gain access to a streamlined optimization process. This is achieved by linking their AdSense account to the Ezoic platform.

Google AdSense Certified Partner Program Integration

To join the program, publishers can navigate to their Publisher Dashboard, select ‘Ezoic Ads,’ and proceed to ‘Link Your AdSense Account.’ After entering the AdSense email and clicking ‘Email Link,’ publishers need to accept the Google-hosted invite received via email or from an Ezoic representative.

Once integrated, the Ezoic system harnesses data from the publisher’s existing AdSense account to establish a baseline for optimizing ad revenue. This foundational data expedites the optimization process, ultimately benefiting publishers seeking increased revenue from their ad spaces.

Publishers have the flexibility to opt out of the program at any time by accessing their AdSense account settings and selecting ‘Remove.’

Mediation App: Elevating Revenue Opportunities

In conjunction with the AdSense Certified Program, Ezoic recommends the installation of the Mediation App. This app serves as a powerful tool for linking existing ad networks, including AdSense, with Ezoic. By setting up ad networks in mediation, publishers enable healthy competition between these networks and Ezoic’s ad partners for advertising inventory on their websites.

To activate the Mediation App, publishers can navigate to their Ezoic Dashboard, select ‘Ezoic Ads,’ proceed to ‘Adsense,’ and then ‘Enable Mediation.’ Connecting existing ad networks is a seamless process – click ‘AdSense Mediation,’ choose ‘Add Network,’ input AdSense details, and click ‘Save.’ This quick setup takes less than two minutes and promises increased revenue potential.

Key Benefits of AdSense Certified Program and Mediation App Integration:

  1. Inclusion of AdSense code in ad combination tests, contributing to AdSense account income.
  2. Reporting integration from AdSense to Ezoic via the Mediation App.
  3. Broadened opportunities for success as DFP/ADX limitations are circumvented.
  4. Reduced dilution from testing less-performing ad combinations due to the use of AdSense ads as the baseline.
  5. The genuine baseline from AdSense data is instrumental in the optimization process.
  6. Zero revenue share – a cost-free solution for publishers.
  7. Flexibility to remove access at any time.

Mediation Works: Unleashing Revenue Potential

Publishers can witness new ad units and additional income flowing into their AdSense accounts, particularly when the mediation partner secures victory. Earnings generated through Mediation Ad Partners are viewable by clicking ‘View Earnings Report’ on the ‘Home’ section of the Publisher Dashboard on Ezoic.

It’s important to note that revenue collected through mediation is paid by the connected ad networks into the individual ad network accounts linked to the Ezoic platform. Other earnings on traffic directed to the original site are handled independently of Ezoic.

In conclusion, the strategic integration of Ezoic with the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program, coupled with the implementation of the Mediation App, empowers publishers with a comprehensive solution to optimize ad revenue and unlock new possibilities for success.

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